A First Hand View of World War II in the Pacific

Follow the men of the 31st Bombardment Squadron as they fight their way through the Pacific in World War II. Experience their wide range of emotions from hilarity to boredom, from pride to utter despair.

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Joanne's dedication to this book has been unstoppable. It is genuine labor of love. A daughter's gift of love to her father is a gift to us all, and to the generations that will follow us.

Laura Palmer, journalist;

It will only be through the continuing efforts and work by Joanne and people like her that the real stories most would never find out about will be told.

Dale Anderson, researcher; nephew of
Anthony Kuhn (POW/Executed)
5th Bomb Group

The personal stories of the men of the 31st Bombardment Squadron are what brings the history of World War II in the Pacific alive. Through Joanne's research, passion and pen, future generations can know and appreciate the sacrifice of the these brave men.

Barbara Coghlin, Co-Founder
Hickam History Club, Hawaii

Joanne is not only a gifted writer but also a wonderful story teller. In her book, she captures the essence of what war in the Pacific was like for her father and the men who served with him during WWII. As a young child, I survived the attack on Pearl Harbor and I know the importance of keeping this part of our history alive and Joanne does it in a remarkable way. From her opening... "They were young and oh, so handsome" ...she has you hooked. I felt as though I was on a journey with heroes.

Judy Meehan Mead, Pearl Harbor Survivor
Daughter of Col. Arthur Meehan (MIA-1942)
5th Bomb Group

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